Jari Huttunen won Rally Slaska

Rally Slaska, the second round of the Polish Rally Championship 2020  was a Finnish celebration when Jari Huttunen continued his victorious drive in the Polish series with a Hyundai i20 R5.

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Jari Huttunen chasing the victory in Poland

Jari Huttunen, who finished second in the WRC3 class in the Rally Estonia last weekend, will continue his rally season on Saturday in the Slaska Rally in Poland, which is the second rally of the Polish Championship Series.

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Jari Huttunen was second in Rally Estonia

Hyundai i20 R5-driver Jari Huttunen placed second in Rally Estonia. Huttunen was 59 seconds behind Volkswagen driver Oliver Solberg who won the class. Estonian Egon Kaur was third in class with Skoda Fabia R5.

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Jari Huttunen aims for podium in WRC3

Jari Huttunen's rally season continues this weekend in Rally Estonia. In February Huttunen and co-driver Mikko Lukka won WRC3 class in their previous WRC event in Rally Sweden. They were at the same time the fastest pair of competitors in the R5 class. In Rally Estonia Huttunen will defend his virtory in the familiar Hyundai R5 car of the Polish 2BRally.

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FRC Riihimäki Ralli 2019 with WRC